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Walking stars

Weird West – Where to Sell Junk

Weird West is loaded with containers like barrels and crates that may have you wondering where to sell junk? If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably end up with a…

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Best Weird West Perks to Pick

Deciding what the best Weird West Ace of Spades perks are can be intimidating at first. Especially since they’re permanent buffs that you can’t respec/reset. Certain ones are better than…

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Weird West – How to Get Money Fast

Making money in Weird West can be tough if you don’t know where to start. That’s why I’ve put together this in-depth guide on how to get money fast. You’ll…

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10 Best Weird West Tips and Tricks

Weird West is a great immersive sim game where it doesn’t hurt to have some tips and tricks going in. Make sure you’re prepared for all the odd dangers WolfEye…

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Core Keeper – What Happens When You Die

While exploring Core Keeper you’re bound to run into tough enemies that you aren’t always quite prepared for. This can lead to an enemy one-hitting you out of nowhere and…

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Core Keeper – How to Fish

If you’re one of many people playing Core Keeper you may be wondering how to fish for another source of food. Chances are you’re like me and noticed all those…

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Funko random Pop Lot

If you’re one of many Lost Ark players wondering how to complete guild tasks or why guild quests aren’t working, this guide is for you. The entire system around weekly…

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Vampire Survivors – How to Open Coffin

As Vampire Survivors continues to get content updates, Patch 0.3.0 has players wondering how to open a coffin. This is part of the new Dairy Plant stage which you won’t…

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Lost Ark – What is Knowledge Transfer

Leveling a character to Lost Ark’s endgame can be tiresome if you’ve already done it once. Understanding how to Knowledge Transfer is important so you can save time and continue…

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Lost Ark – What is Gear Transfer

Lost Ark has an important feature to understand that will save you tons of time and money called Gear Transfer. So if you’re one of many players in the community…

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